Sister Abigail Cannon

Sister Abigail Cannon is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the England London Mission. She began her service on July 26, 2006, leaving from her home of Provo, Utah. This Blog is a record of her missionary service.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

E-mail - June 28, 2007

(Abby sent a CD of pictures that I was unable to get to work on my computer, she says she will try again.)

"Hopefully this will be the only e-mail I have to write this week. There have been some really awesome things happen this week. Interviews yesterday were really a highlight. I really love President and Sister Foulger. I have really seen answers to a lot of prayers lately. Prayers that were prayed a long, long time ago. I am learning so much.

Yesterday at the Zone Leaders training, the Assistants have asked us to go through what they are calling "The Purification". It is a 40 day fast on things that "poke" at the spirit. Things that distract, things that keep us from our eye being single. I'm really excited for it. They compared a normal fast to this kind of spiritual, mental or emotional fast. We were asked to make a list of 10 things that we could offer as a sacrifice to God, things that may or may not be evil, or wicked things. (Lacrosse, sugar, deep-end doctrine, etc.). We are separating ourselves from everything worldly, a complete purification. It's going to be amazing. President Foulger told me yesterday that it is in total sacrifice that the fullness of joy comes. I have tried to study the word "pure" or purification". Part of that means homogeneous.

I'm glad that Katie did so well in the run. I think from time to time that I will run a marathon when I get home (after this I can do anything!). I also want to check up on the Preach my Gospel study. How is it coming? I love that manual. I love the Gospel. I love where I am and I love what I am doing. I love all of you. Sister Cannon"

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

E-mail - June 6, 2007

"I am happy to stay in Bury with Sister Mortensen, she's great. She's a little bit of country and I'm a little bit of rock and roll so we talk to a great mix of people. I'm really sorry about last week, I had received a lot of Birthday greetings and I wasn't able to resist the temptation to read them during my precious time. I had a wonderful birthday. We have been teaching Brother Sleight for a while now. He's in his 70's and he was found by Sister Anyanwu and Sister Ratasvouri tracting (When Sister A left me in MK, she came to Bury and found Brother Sleight).

I was looking at my clothes yester morning and thinking "wow, I can't believe this is all my clothes, this is all I have worn for almost a year!" It is a good thing that I don't dwell on it. There are too many other important things to think about. Like Shelly and Tina. Sister Anderson and I knocked on Shelly's door mid-March and she is progressing so well. She came to the Historic Stake Conference this weekend and loves President Hinckley. She has some Word of Wisdom issues but she can't wait to be baptized. She is so prepared. Tina is her best neighbor friend that drops by when she knows we are in. We have some wonderful discussions. Another fairly new investigator's name is James. He also strengthens my faith that the field is white. James is 18 and feels the spirit so readily. It's almost funny. We have been teaching him at his Nan's house (that's Grandma) She investigated the Church years ago. It's wonderful to be teaching families. Shelly has 2 boys - 6 and 8 -- and I'll try to get pictures next time. Love, Sister Cannon"