Sister Abigail Cannon

Sister Abigail Cannon is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the England London Mission. She began her service on July 26, 2006, leaving from her home of Provo, Utah. This Blog is a record of her missionary service.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

E-mail - Wed. Oct. 18, 2006

"This week has been really great. I tried to tell you more about the Settles. I have a very special place in my heart for them. I don't know why. Maybe because Bro. Settle reminds me so much of Dad. He plays the French Horn in the local orchestra and just his mannerisms, I guess. It's wonderful. He has recently been living the word of wisdom which has been a bit of a struggle socially (all the brass section goes to the pub after performances) but he's progressing famously.

Milton Keynes is beautiful in the Fall. Everything is all oranges and yellows and reds. It's lovely. the weather reminds me so much of Utah in the Fall. Crisp in the morning and brisk in the evening. The Lawrences say that I am losing my American accent and I can almost believe it when yesterday our battery died and I asked Sis. M to pull the leever to pop the bonnet. We laughed for a while about that one. I still can't believe I'm here. It's such a miracle. I love you all very much. I am so blessed to have the family I do. "

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Beautiful England

"I can't say how much I appreciate your prayers. I feel them answered every minute. The Church is True! It's amazing that I can be here sharing it with everybody. I love you all very much!"

My Friend

Ranchez, my spider

The Lawrences

Brother and Sister Lawrence and their dog, Challace.

That Crazy Driver!!

"It's truly remarkable that I'm allowed to do this for this short amount of time in my life. I think I'm known mission wide for the sister that just "can't believe she's on a mission!" I LOVE THIS!"

New Companion - New Chapter

Sister McKeen is from Farmington, Utah
"Things are going well. Milton Keynes is especially inspiring today. Zone Conference was amazing and I got my first flavor of not being the newbie. I love being a missionary and wish I could tell you more details about my day-to- day. Every moment changes how I think. Whether it is being yelled off a doorstep (didn't know I had been brainwashed, it's amazing how smart some people are just by looking at you? ha ha) or trying my best to share some of my strength in Jesus Christ."

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye to Sister Anyanwu at Liverpool Street tube station in London. She was a great trainer!

The Settles

Here is Sister Anyanwu and our wonderful investigators, the Settles.

"They are a beautiful British family out in Buckingham. They have been the source of most of my joy the last few days. Brother Settle went to Salt Lake for a business trip and came back with more than he bargained for. He is amazing and watching him develop a relationship with our Father in Heaven is like witnessing a miracle. His wife, Jill, has always been the Spiritual expert in the family and is just eating up the Book of Mormon. I love them so much and I'll keep you posted on their progress. We are seeing a date for them in the near future."

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Peace Pagoda on Willen Lake. There are only two of these in England. This one and the one in Hyde Park. The Picture was taken on one of our (Sister Anyanwu) morning jogs.

Lucky me.