Sister Abigail Cannon

Sister Abigail Cannon is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the England London Mission. She began her service on July 26, 2006, leaving from her home of Provo, Utah. This Blog is a record of her missionary service.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

E-mail - Aug 29, 2007

"We taught a sister yesterday at a bus stop. She feels a guilt about her relationship with her mother who had passed on. She is "trapped" and can't move forward, behind a locked door. I love being able to give her the keys, Repentance, Forgiveness. I love being able to testify so often. I love it so much. Sister Miller and I were talking about how much we love it the other day. It's better than anything that you can have or buy. People spend forever and ever trying to find this kind of security and (we noted) that it is even better than your favourite dessert because you never ever get sick of it. It's impossible to be "tired of it" because it never gets old. It never changes. YEAH for the Gospel.

I think I also forgot to mention last week that we lost our car. The mission has changed over the last year and if you can remember way back when I was in Milton Keynes and Bletchley? Well, they have opened Bletchley to Elders and they "need" a car more than we do in Lowestoft. And they got it on Monday. It's actually been really great and I am back to feeling like a missionary. Public transport is my favorite kind of teaching and the bikes will "Keep us fit." It's a transition that I am enjoying (apparently not a trial).

I love you over and over and am glad to hear (via Mum) that all are well. Sister Cannon"


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